With Tweet Beats, children can (now) make/create their own music!
When a bird is placed on the bottom branch, it plays the drums. When placed on the other branches, the birds will sing, play the base and play the melody of their styles: Reggae, Girl Band, Boy Band and Rap.

Choose your birds, place them on the branches and dance to music that you create! With the help of the Tweet Beats, you will be able to hear the different (layers/parts/) of music by switching them around on the branches and listening closely to the difference.

By mixing up the birds and their position on the branches, (anyone/you/your children) can create an endless variety of sounds/songs.
With only four birds, there are 24 unique combinations to discover and by adding only one bird extra there are 120 combinations!

The base set contains the following four birds: Beach Bobby, who brings a relaxing Jamaican  vibe. Jenny, the American superstar. Binky, the ultimately popular winner of Next British Boy Band and MC Jay, a tough dude from the street.
There will be more birds available with more unique styles and different stories. For example Pingy, the classically trained/schooled penguin and the Diva, who’s name speaks for itself..