Before returning your Tweet Beats, please read the frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer to your question, or if a problem you have keeps occurring, please send an email to: We’ll do our best to answer your question within 48 hours.

Tweet Beats music tree

How do I place the batteries?

Before you are ready to play, three fresh alkaline AA-batteries should be placed in the battery compartment on the bottom of the Tweet Beats tree. To do so, use a mini screwdriver to open the cover of the battery compartment and place the batteries as shown on the inside of the compartment. Afterwards, close the cover and tighten the screw.

Attention: when you are done playing, always switch of the music tree and remove the batteries to prevent leakage.

The music tree does not make any sound whenever I set the switch to ‘1’ or ‘2’.

The tree only starts making sounds whenever one or more Tweet Beats (birds) are placed on the coloured stages. If this is not the case, please check whether the three AA batteries are full and placed correctly. The right positions of the batteries are displayed on the inside of the battery compartment.

The music tree suddenly stops making sounds, after a while.

It’s possible that the tree automatically went into ‘sleep mode’ (I didn’t know trees need sleep either). In order to leave the sleep mode, first turn OFF the tree by setting the switch to ‘0’ and then turn it back ON by setting the switch to ‘1’ or ‘2’.

The Tweet Beats (birds) do not stop playing immediately after removing them from the tree. Are they playbacking?

No. The Tweet Beats always play and sing live. This is just to make sure that the music fragments of different birds are always in sync.

The Tweet Beats (birds) do not start playing immediately after they are placed on the tree.

The birds wait for the perfect time to start playing. This is to make sure that the music fragments of different birds are always in sync too.

If I’m being perfectly honest; I think the music is still too loud in setting ‘1’. No offense.

None taken. To reduce the volume, it’s possible to cover the little speaker holes in front of the music tree with tape or a sticker of choice.

Does it matter which stage I put a Tweet Beat on?

It certainly matters! Every bird has an unique sound for each stage, always in his or her own music genre.
– The yellow stage is for the ‘beat’, the sounds that make you want to shake your hips. Usually produced by drums.
– The green stage is for ‘melodies’, that make you want to whistle along. These are made by keys, backing vocals, guitar, violins etc.
– The blue stage is for the ‘bass’, that low sound you can feel in your belly. Made by bass guitars, cello’s, electronic basses etc.
– The red stage is for the ‘vocals’. Each bird sings in his or her own music genre.

By choosing which bird you like on which platform, you can compose your own music!

What can Tweet Beats teach my child?

Do you ever wonder how Mozart got so good at making music? Well…It’s not thanks to Tweet Beats, because he didn’t have that back then. But if he did, he would probably have written his first composition at age 6, instead of 8.

All jokes aside: By playing with Tweet Beats children are introduced to all sorts of different music genres, from hip hop to rock, to classical music, and learn to combine these styles into unique songs. They also learn how music (in general) is build up out of different layers: Drums, bass, melodic instruments and vocals. Tweet Beats inspires children to be creative with music and to discover what combinations they like the most.

Safety and health warnings

Carefully read all warnings on the flyer before playing!

Tweet Beats (birds)

Will any new Tweet Beats be released?

Yes! In the box is a flyer containing Tweet Beats that will be released as expansions. For availability check the site:

One of the Tweet Beats is not working.

It could be that the two contacts on the bottom of the bird have become dusty and the bird is therefore not recognised by the tree.
Carefully clean these contacts with a dry cotton swap and try again!

This instruction video demonstrates how to clean the birds:

Can I put multiple of the same Tweet Beats on the tree?

That’s…That’s a brilliant idea! This increases the amount of songs you can make. You can, for instance, put four MC Jay birds on the tree and you’ll get a full hip hop song!

Can I also make songs with just three Tweet Beats?

Definitely! You could, for instance, leave the top stage empty and it will still sound awesome. You can even sing along with the beat yourself if you like!

How many different songs can I make?

Let me grab my calculator and math book. With the 4 birds from the base set you can make 4x3x2x1 = 24 different songs whenever you always use all 4 stages. If you have 5 birds you can make 5x4x3x2 = 120 songs and with 6 you can even make 6x5x4x3 = 360 songs! Etc.

What is Tweet Beat Jenny’s phone number?

I’m very sorry, but Jenny has a secret number. I can give you the phone number of her manager if you like! Just send a mail.