These Tweet Beats are included:

Beach Bobby

Land: Jamaica

Muziek: Reggae

“When I’m not chilling, I’m busy relaxing. My music is inspiring by the ocean and the sound of coconuts dropping on the beach. I think I’m a really good surfer but I’ve never tried it. My favourite colour is ice cream!”


Land: United States

Muziek: Girl Band

“Ever since I was a little bird I wanted to be famous. I think I should be the star of Tweet Beats because I can sing, dance and I simple have what it takes. When you’re really fantastic like me, it’s also important to be humble And I sure am the best at being humble.”

MC Jay

Land: United States

Muziek: Rap

“Yo! I’m from the Streets, that’s a small village in America. Don’t mess with me cause I hate cleaning up. I used rap as an escape from the Streets and I never looked back (except when I visit for holidays and birthdays).”

The Kid

Land: United Kingdom

Muziek: BoyBand

“The best night of my life was when I won Next British Boy Band. My fans love me, but hey! What’s not to love? All I need is a stage and room to practise my moves. If I had to choose between my music and my hair? Easy! I would choose music… no wait… my hair!”

These Tweet Beats are sold seperately:


Land: France

Muziek: Electro Dance

“Bonjour. I am half robot and half bird. My parents build me using spare parts from zee fridge. I am program to make music all day and all night, My parents say sorry. Zey forget to make an off switch”


Land: England

Muziek: Break dance

“Yo! Dancing is my name and Beaty is my game. Uh wait! Switch that! You see, I’m always in a spin, so don’t be surprised if I get things the way wrong around – the wrong way around! The fun never stops, so long as I can eat and sleep while standing on my head!”


Land: South pole

Muziek: Classical

“I’m ever so naughty! I just never get caught! The first wicked thing I do on a cold morning is brush my teeth way too long. Then I get to school early, clean up the entire classroom and don’t tell anybody! Ha-ha, I’m such a bad boy! ”


Land: Brazil

Muziek: R&B

“Darling! Everybody knows me! I love you all… yes, yes! All I ask in return is my own dressing room with space for all my dresses, plenty of mirrors, sparkling pink water, a bowl of blue candy, two dozen red roses… Sweetie, are you writing this down?”

There are more Tweet Beats to come!